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Camilla Jolly Pixie - IN ENGLISH

Camilla Jolly Pixie (Kamilka)

adsc_0083.jpgwas born 20. 3. 2007, has got two sisters (Cathleen and Celestine) and one brother (Colombo).
Mother Jackie z Duboveho lesa (Czech champion, Polish champion, Club’s champion 2009, Candidate to International champion of beauty, Candidate to Slovak champion of beauty, Candidate to Croatian champion of beauty, 1x CACIB, 3x res. CACIB, 6x CAC CR, 2x res. CAC CR, 2x CAC Croatia, 3x res. CAC Croatia, 1x CAC Slovakia, 3x res. CAC Slovakia, 3x CWC Poland. The best female of the breed Poland, Regional winner, Excellent, Very promising – more on www.jollypixie.cz
Father Waguero Bohemia Kevin (Very promising, Excellent, CAJC, 5x res. CAC Slovakia, 10 x CAC, CAC Slovakia, 6x res. CACIB, res. CACIB Slovakia, 2x CACIB, 2xBOB, 2x NV, CWC, The best male of the breed Poland.
adsc_0011.jpgCamilla is very cuddly and social female. She likes people without respect on their age and size. She is active, cheerful and she understands with other dogs and animals.
Camilla’s the most popular activities are: caress, staying in bed and play with other dogs. A lot of time we spend with sports: tourism, obedience, agility and other dog’s tricks. In these activities is big advantage her consideration and learning approach, but it needs a lot of patience and endurance. Thanks her peaceful and cuddly nature is Camilla very good for canistherapy. She has got very big maternal instinct, which I “value”, when she has got false pregnancy and it is the reason, why Camilla’s training is very difficult.
Examination on patellar luxation 23. 3. 2010: 0/0
Successes in the sports and summary of the compound exams you can find here
Dog show’s results (4x Excellent, 1x res. CAC) you can find here
Camilla was declaring as breeding in Jicin – Zeleznice 8. 6. 2010
Litter A 28. 12. 2008 were born: Amaja (female), Aligator (male) and Alfin (male). Amaja Handa Bear stayed in our kennel.